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Ask Meme Headquarters
Anonymous sent:

Can we send you random memes? (just asking sorry for bothering you^^'")

in the sense of submitting memes to me or even links to reblog, absolutely. but in the sense of say numbers off a meme i’d rather not? i do have a personal where i reblog ask memes so if you are curious you can send stuff there.

1.Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
2.When did your last hug take place?
3.Are you a jealous person?
4.Are you tired right now?
5.Do you chew on your straws?
6.Have you ever been called a tease?
7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
8.Do you cry easily?
9.What should you be doing right now?
10.Are you a heavy sleeper?
11.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
12.Are you mad at someone right now?
13.Do you believe in love?
14.What makes you laugh no matter what?
15.Who was the last person you talked to?
16.Do you get butterflies around the person you like?
17.Will you get married?
18.When was the last time you smiled?
19.Does anyone like you?
20.Do you secretly like someone?
21.Who was the first person you talked to today?
22.Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
23.What are you NOT looking forward to?
24.What ARE you looking forward to?
25.Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
26.Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?
27.Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
28.Are you a forgiving person?
29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
30.Do you fall for people easily?
31.Have you ever fallen for your ex’s best friend?
32.What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?
33.Who was the last person you drove with?
34.How late did you stay up last night and why?
35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
36.Who was the last person you took a picture of?
37.Can you live a day without TV?
38.When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
39.Three names you go by...
40.Are you currently in a relationship?
41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
43.What’s your current problem?
44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
45.Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
46.How many kids do you want to have?
47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
Anonymous sent:

Would it be possible to make a voice meme? Maybe something along the lines of: "Send me a symbol + a question and I'll answer with my voice"?

i can do that, but it may take me a while. if you want to see one sooner rather than later, submit one yourself, but until then, it’s on my to do list.

Write a short description or review of my blog in my ask!
Anonymous sent:

Can you make a 'write a short description or review of my blog in my ask' meme?

sure! give me all of a minute.

Anonymous sent:

Have you ever watched Thumbelina? Could you possibly do a sentence meme using quotes from it?

i haven’t actually! i’m sorry! again, it would be best if you were to make the meme yourself and submit so i don’t screw it up!!

Anonymous sent:

Zombie Apocalypse meme?

what kind of thing are you looking for?? like a “how would i die in a zombie apocalypse?” or “how long would i live in a zombie apocalypse?” there’s so many options! what did you have in mind!

Anonymous sent:

Could you do a Resident Evil meme? Could be anything.

again, i don’t know anything about resident evil so the easiest way for such a meme to exist is if you made one yourself and submitted it to me!

Anonymous sent:

How would you become a mod?

for the time being i’m going to run this blog solo until i have a definitive way i want to have potential mods apply! eventually i’ll have some sort of application and what not.

shy-little-weapon sent:

Could you do a SoulEater ask meme? o3o

i don’t know much about soul eater at all! the easiest thing would be for you to do it and submit it yourself!